My name is Fabio De Salvador and I’m an Italian artist based in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Many years ago I decided to leave the Dolomites to live in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.
In this land, so different from the one where I grew up, I allowed myself the luxury of slowing down and above all listening to myself.

… something I had never done it before,
but I felt a strong need to do it

Art has always been part of my life.

Since I was a child, I have been exposed to art in many ways.

I’m lucky because in my childhood I had the chance to experiment with colors, objects, canvases, brushes and many other tools and materials to express my creativity.
I spent a lot of time drawing, painting, creating collages and things that I called “masterpieces”.

Thanks to my uncles I also had the opportunity to look at and read many art magazines, comics, catalogues of famous and less famous artists.
And I had the pleasure to see several exhibitions and art galleries.

I have always felt that I want to be an artist but when I finished school instead of developing my artistic career I took a different path…

And so, for many years, I worked as a web designer and illustrator.
In this long period my artistic production was relegated to only a few moments.

But this situation was stressful and it didn’t feel right. I often felt frustrated, overwhelmed and, above all, I had the feeling that I wasn’t going in the right direction. I had to change course. We only have one life.

The island marked my brand new life

Here in Tenerife I realigned myself and I changed many things in my life starting with my career. With the help of my coach (the first person who believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself), I finally found the courage to let go of what no longer interested me in order to dedicate myself – finally – to something that truly made me happy: Art.

The ultimate goal of every human being is to find something that makes him feel good and happy… and do it.

And I feel good when I dedicate myself to my art.


I’m an artist.


My inspiration

I am inspired by nature but influenced by minimalism.

I find inspiration in nature and natural elements like the sea, the mountains, rocks, clouds, leaves, trees but also in metaphysical and surreal places.

I often spend my time looking at the ocean. I love to watch its waves. But I also admire the trees and the harmony of a forest.
And all that – these things are – is the inspiration behind my work.

I bring positive feelings into my art, pulling from joyful memories or a peaceful mood. I hope my art brings that same joy and peace to others while offering a momentary escape from the everyday.


I primarily work with ink, watercolors and gold leaf on paper,
but I also really enjoy digital art.

I also dedicate myself to the development of various artistic projects. Projects ranging from installations to the creation of events and contests.


Human beings need more beauty.

And above all we need to realize how much beauty we are surrounded by.


Beauty makes us better.
Ugliness does not.
Beauty makes us feel good.
Ugliness does not.
In beauty lies the seed of goodness.
In ugliness it does not.

But this artificial society we have created, with its lights, its noises, and its speed, distracts us, clouds our vision, and blinds us to the beauty that our planet – naturally – gifts us.

With my work, I want people to discover (or re-discover) how much beauty and harmony surround us and begin to appreciate it.

My work is an ongoing search for beauty, harmony, peace, and minimalism.

Because human beings need to return to simplicity, to nature, to slower rhythms.

I like to think that people who observe my work feel good. And that they can notice how much poetry and harmony there is even in a small natural element.